Wildlife Population Ecology at the University of Maine

Welcome to the web page for the Wildlife Demographics lab at the University of Maine.  We are interested in the processes that determine how long animals live, how many offspring they produce, and how frequently they leave or join new populations.  These four demographic processes, survival, recruitment, immigration, and emigration, dictate how the abundance of wildlife changes through time and across space; the dynamics of populations.  Teaching and research within the lab centers on measuring wildlife demographic rates and evaluating population dynamics.  Importantly, we work to learn how factors in the environment, both “natural” and human-caused, influence these processes and cause wildlife populations to either grow or decline.


Research in the lab is broadly focused on the processes that affect animal demographics and population dynamics.  In doing so we often dip our toes into other ecological sub-disciplines, including animal habitat relationships, species distributions, and behavior.  Work in the lab tends to focus on upland gamebirds, although current and former projects range from American eels to bats.

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